Course Selection

2023-2024 Course Selection
10th -12th Course Registration Forms and Course Offerings 
12th Grade Course Offerings                                                     Course Registration Form
9th Grade Course Registration Form
2023-2024 Application and Audition Courses: 
Some courses at SHS require an application, audition or teacher approval. Those are indicated on the Course Offering Form with: 

Application Required

  • Peer Tutor
  • Counseling Office, Front Office and Library Worker 
  • Journalism (Yearbook) Application
  • Journalism (Broadcasting) Application
Teacher Approval Required
Early-Post Secondary Options at Smyrna High School
  • Dual Enrollment Through Bethel University: 11th and 12th-grade students with a 3.0 or higher can take dual enrollment classes at SHS where they also earn college credit through Bethel University. These college credits can transfer to most universities. New dual enrollment students who remain grant eligible can take up to 5 courses (5 semesters) at no personal cost. Dual enrollment courses are noted as DE on the course offerings page. For more information see the Bethel University DE Page

  • Associate Degree through Bethel University: Our dual students can choose to pursue an associate degree starting their junior year. This requires 5 college classes per semester in both 11th and 12 grade. The student would graduate with a high school diploma as well as an associate degree. 

  • Statewide Dual Credit: Statewide dual credit classes are college-level courses taught at the high-school level by trained high-school teachers. All students enrolled in a statewide dual credit course take the online challenge exam. Students which meet or exceed the exam ‘cut score’ receive college credit that can be applied to any Tennessee public postsecondary institution. Exam scores are reported on the high school transcript to ensure postsecondary credit is accurately awarded. Statewide Dual credit courses are noted as SDC or DC on the course offerings page.

  • Cambridge Program: Cambridge programs and qualifications set the global standard for international education. They are created by subject experts, rooted in academic rigor and reflect the latest educational research. Cambridge courses are noted as CIE on the course offerings list. 
              SHS Cambridge Website

  • Advanced Placement Classes: Advanced Placement is a program run by the College Board (the makers of the SAT) that allows you to take special high school courses that can earn you college credit and/or qualify you for more advanced classes when you begin college. Advanced Placement courses are noted as AP on the course offerings list. 

  • AP Access for ALL: If a student desires to take an AP course that we are not able to offer at SHS, they can register for an AP Access for ALL lab. They will then take the course as an independent study through the AP Access for ALL program. More information, including a list of available courses, can be found here.