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Instructional Technology » Edlio for Beginners

Edlio for Beginners

Session Objectives:

Login the Edlio site
Create a blank page
Create a link to an external web page
Upload a file attachment
Review personal calendar options in Edlio
Discuss the subscription feature and benefits


Success Criteria

I can login Edlio at school and know the process for logging in at home

I can create a new page and share information with parents and students


Bell Work

1. Complete this form.

2. Login to Edlio

Go to the SHS website

Scroll to the bottom

Click on the link that says "Login"

Click the blue "Login with Office365" button (you do not have to enter your credentials)


Task 1: Create a Blank Page

Pages View  

On Pages view you will see: 
Personal Pages– these are the pages for your classroom  
Category Pages- these are pages you have access to on the website.  
You will only have Category Pages if you are a Coach or Club/Program Sponsor 
These pages you have editing rights to in the same way you can your personal page 
  • Click on the Personal Pages  
Choose Add Page > Blank Page 



Task 2: View your Page

Open a second tab and go to

Select About Us- Staff Directory and view your page


Task 3: Upload a File

Go to the tab with your working page

Select Files- Upload Your Files

Do Not select Microsoft OneDrive

Choose a file saved on your Desktop or Documents

Rename the file once it is uploaded to the page


Review your page in the live page tab “Refresh”

Delete the file and SAVE


Task 4: Add Page and Link to another website

Select Pages from the dashboard

Add Page- Link to another page

Title the link

Example: Class Page

Add the link to the webpage web page

Select Open in New Tab


Check the page in the second tab “Refresh”


Task 5: Review the Calendar

Select Plan from the dashboard

Plan- Calendar- Add Event

Name the Event- add directions- add a web link- add an attachment


Check the page in the second tab “Refresh”

Notice how it appears in the navigation tab on the right

Notice the calendar views


Task 6: Create a Blank Page with Content

Select the menu at the top left (pancake) or dashboard

Select the Pages option

Select Add a Blank Page

Title the Page- Schedule

Add a Table with 2 rows and 8 columns

Add class schedule


View Live Page in second tab- select “refresh”


Task 7: Create a Link Page

Select the menu at the top left

Select the Pages option

Select Add Link Page

Add links


View Live Page in second tab- select “refresh”


Task 8: