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Session Description:

Learn how to use PlayPosit to engage students, create self-paced lessons, and place accountability on students for their own learning. PlayPosit allows you to embed video from YouTube and many other sites or upload your own and then insert multiple types of questions into the video. Students can access the videos across any device, at their own pace, and you get the data. Perfect for teachers looking to develop blended and/or flipped lessons.


Bellwork -- do this as soon as you get logged in!

  • Take this survey
  • Click on the button below.
  • Complete the activity to get familiar with PlayPosit.
  • Once you have completed the activity, respond to the question How can you use PlayPosit with your students? at this link:



  • Participants will complete an interactive PlayPosit activity as a student
  • Participants will view data from that activity from a teacher perspective
  • Participants will create classes in Playposit and learn how to add students
  • Participants will explore the Premade Bulb Library and learn how to add them to their own classes
  • Participants will create a Playposit lesson using at least 3 different types of questions
  • Participants will learn how to assign lessons to students

Success Criteria:


  • Participant can create classes and add students to Playposit
  • Participant can find and copy shared lessons
  • Participants can create a bulb with 3 types of questions
  • Participants can assign the lesson to students
  • Participants can locate the data from lessons

Task One: Class Creation and Best Practice for Adding Students


1. Go to and log in with Office 365 (you already have accounts set up)
2. Create a class and discuss adding students to the class:

  • Class Code – students sign in and search for the class using a code
  • Class URL – students sign in and are added to the class
Big picture

Task Two: Exploring Pre-Made Bulbs and Feedback

1. Explore the Premade Bulbs

  • Use the FILTER to search for specific topics, grade ranges, or subjects
  • My Community shows bulbs created by teachers in your school
  • Copy a bulb to your class -- copied bulbs can be edited

2. View the feedback from the demo bulb you did for Bellwork.

  • From My Bulbs, click on the 3 dots beside the bulb you wish to view feedback, then choose Monitor
  • OR go to your class that you assigned the bulb to, and click on the chart icon next to the bulb
  • Shows:

  1. Question item analysis
  2. Lesson status (percentage completed)
  3. Average score
  4. Time in the activity
  5. Student answers
  6. Student scores and feedback

  • Updates in real time as the students are working (refresh button at the top)
  • Can export data into individual student reports
  • Can export bulb analytics (three dots beside the bulb)

Task 3: Bulb Creation

1. Go to YouTube and find a video on the topic you are currently teaching (limit it to a short video). Copy the URL of the video.

2. Go back to PlayPosit and choose New > Bulb from your navigation screen.

3. Paste your YouTube URL in the blank (NOTICE: you can also upload teacher made or downloaded videos here as well)

4. Once you've uploaded the video, you can add questions.



  • Press Play and watch the video until you are at a place you want to add a question then press Pause.
  • Click on the orange circle at the bottom of your editing screen; choose Add Question
  • Add at least 3 different types of questions to your bulb.
  • Question types:

  1. Multiple Choice (only 1 correct answer)
  2. Check All (multiple correct answers)
  3. Free Response (sentence or paragraph answer - must be graded manually)
  4. Fill Blank (fill in the blank -- you can type in multiple correct answers)
  5. Reflective Pause (pauses the video and you can add textual information or a thought-provoking rhetorical question)
  6. Web Embed (embeds a website to the side of the video that students can browse)
  7. Polling Survey (to gather responses ... no right or wrong answers)
  8. Discussion Forum (adds a chat screen on the side as the video continues -- you select how long the forum stays on the screen)



**NOTICE: There are links to video overviews and designing tutorials right there on your editing screen!

Big picture

Task 4: Explore Bulb Settings and Sharing

1. Explore the bulb settings -- while in edit mode, click the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner and choose Settings



  • NEVER enable network bypass
  • Allow viewers to rewind during questions?
  • Allow viewers to skip questions?
  • Allow viewers to fast-forward?
  • Allow viewers to retake, once completed?


2. Best practice for sharing bulbs:



  • From the navigation page, click the 3 dots beside the bulb and Assign it to your class.
  • Once it's assigned, it will show up on the students' dashboard when they log into PlayPosit if they are in your class.
  • Also, once it's assigned, you can go into your class, to your bulbs for that class, click on the 3 dots, and choose Share. From here, you can choose to Auto-Enroll Learners to This Classif it's the first time you are assigning a bulb to a group of students.
  • Copy the Share URL to give to your class or link to your webpage (you could also create a QR code from the URL or use the embed code to embed the bulb on your webpage).
  • The Embed Code allows you to embed the bulb in your webpage (ask your tech coach for more info if you don't know how to use embed codes).
  • "Do Not Require Learners to Authenticate" does not make the student log in. They will, however, be asked for their name and class (just like your bellwork).


Closure Activity

Click "Add Card" at the top and answer the question. Then read the answers of your fellow participants and vote for the best answer.

Session Evaluation

Thank you for attending today! Please let me know if you would like a follow-up appointment.