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Vocabulary PD

Tired of Teaching Vocabulary the Old Way? 

Try These New Strategies to add Vitality to Your Instruction!

Descriptor of Session:

To be successful, our students must understand complex texts, engage deeply with content-area concepts, and participate in academic discussions.  To that end, this session will give participants an opportunity to explore technology resources that will positively impact vocabulary instruction .  Participants will engage in activities designed for improving student vocabulary skills which are content and grade level specific.  Walk away from this session with tools that can be implemented immediately in any content area.


Bell Work

1.    Log in to the computer

2.    Open Firefox

3.    While waiting for others to arrive read Marzano’s Six Steps to Effective Vocabulary Instruction.  

4.    After signing in for this session, please pick up your individually assigned bellwork from the library counter.  Complete the assigned activity.

5.    Be prepared to share your bellwork with the group.



Task 1: Using QR Codes to Teach Vocabulary

1.   Look around the room to locate QR Codes.

2.    You will walk around the room to view these words twice. 

3.    The first time you walk by these words, choose your familiarity of the word by using the 1st four columns on your chart.  During your second walk, scan the QR code associated with the word to fill in the meaning on the chart.

4.    Did your knowledge of any of the words change after you found the meaning?


Now You Create!

  1. Choose 2 words from the TN Academic Vocabulary List that are specific to your content area.
  2. Find video clips or articles describing your word and create a QR Code for that word using QR Code Generator.
  3. Now open Word in Office 365, type the word and paste the QR Code underneath.  Repeat with the second word.


Task 2: Alphabet Organizer

1.    Navigate to the Alphabet Organizer from the Read, Write, Think website.

2.    Click on Get Started.

3.    Type in your name and title the project "Technology".

4.    Choose “One Word and One Picture Per Letter” as the template.

5.    You will have 5 minutes to fill in as many of the letters of the alphabet that relate to technology.


Task 3: Using Paint Chips to Teach Vocabulary

1.    Choose another word from the TN Academic Vocabulary List that is specific to your content area.

2.    Record your chosen word on the darkest portion of your paint chip.

3.    Navigate to Visuwords on the Internet and type in your chosen word.

4.    In the 2nd color, use the key to record the part of speech your word represents.

5.    In the 3rd color, use the key to record a word that is similar to your chosen word.

6.    In the 4th color, use the key to record a word that is a kind of like your chosen word.

7.    Now in the spaces to the right, record the definition of each word using Merriam Webster's Word Central.  Repeat for each word.



Closure Activity:

  1. Read Catlin Tucker's "Vocabulary Lessons" article.
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Evaluation