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Everything Office365: Advanced

Bell Work

1. Open the shared Word document from One Drive

2. Open the App launcher. 

·         Share how you have used some of the apps. Do you have questions about apps in the launcher or Office 365?

3. Use this link to explore the apps of interest

Task One: Office 365 App Launcher

  • ·         Select the three dots … for an App that you use often in the App launcher and select Resize- Wide
  • ·         Notice the other options (unpin from home, pin to nav bar, etc.)
  • ·         Review the three tabs (Home, New, and All)
  • o Participants can remove apps they never use from Home and they will appear in All
  • ·         Notice third-party apps can be pinned to the App launcher

Task Two: OneDrive

  • ·         Discuss the differences between OneDrive, H: drive, and Teacher Apps.
  • ·         Create a Word Online document.
  • ·         Upload a file
  • ·         Upload a folder
  • ·         Share a OneDrive document.
  • ·         Open a shared OneDrive document.

Task Three: Groups

  • ·         Create a group
  • ·         Review Group Options (Group ID, Sharing, Subscribing Members)
  • ·         Explore group files, calendar, conversations

Task Four:  Forms

  • ·         Create a form.
  • ·         Add a different question type to form.
  • ·         Share form.
  • ·         Analyze results of survey.
  • ·         Export results to Excel.
  • ·         Discuss various types of forms that a teacher would create or a student would create within the curriculum framework.


  • ·         Finish KWL Chart
  • ·         Evaluation