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Instructional Technology » Nearpod: The Interactive Presentation Program

Nearpod: The Interactive Presentation Program

Using Bold School High Effect Strategies with Nearpod


Bell Work:



Task 1:

  • Direct Instruction: Teacher Paced Vs. Student Paced
  • Discuss the difference between Teacher and Student paced lessons.
  • Show participants the teacher view on how to select teacher or student paced lessons.


Nearpod allows the teacher to run “Live lessons,” which are teacher-paced, or “Student-paced.” When teachers select the “Live lesson,” they dictate what students see on their screens. As a teacher moves through a lesson, the slides automatically change on the student device, so they are looking at the element of the presentation that the teacher is talking about or focused on. When the teacher selects “Student-paced,” students can navigate through the multimedia, multimodality lesson at their own pace.



Task 2: Teacher Paced Lesson (30mins)

  • Participants will go to
  • Enter the pin to join your teacher paced Nearpod session.
  • Discuss the planning process using the Direct Instruction Strategy with the Nearpod lesson

Task 3: Evaluate the data and reports collected by Nearpod. 

  • Report Feature
  • Collaboration board is a link that could be added to Edlio or other platform for reflection.


Task 4: My Library (10 mins)

  • Click on the “My Library” tab from their computer.
  • Holds the lessons that they have saved from the main Nearpod library.
  • Each lesson has two options
1)Live session -This is how to launch your Teacher Paced lesson.
2) student paced - allows students to do Nearpod lessons independently or at home.
  • Go to “Nearpod Lesson Library” at the left of the page and have them find at least 1 lesson that they could use in their classrooms in the upcoming weeks.


Closure Activity

  • Review the success criteria with participants.
  • Review the definition of Direct Instruction.
  • Teachers share what lesson they will use with the Direct Instruction Strategy.
  • Participants complete Post PD Evaluation