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Technology » Nearpod: The Interactive Presentation Program

Nearpod: The Interactive Presentation Program


·         Participant will participate in an interactive Intro to Nearpod session

·         Participants will be able to create a Nearpod account

·         Participants will find lesson in shared library and add it to their own library

·         Participants will launch their lesson with a partner and practice presenting a Nearpod presentation.

·         Participants will look at the data collected at the end of the Nearpod presentation to see the reports available.

·         Participants will be given time to search library and add 3 lessons that they could use in the upcoming 9 weeks.


Success Criteria:

I will know I am successful if I have:

·         created a Nearpod account

·         added a lesson to my library

·         launched a lesson with a partner

·         access the data after my lesson is complete



·         Get logged into a computer in the first two rows and sit next to a partner.

·         Complete the pre-session evaluation:



Task 1:      Teacher Paced Lesson: Changing the Game With Nearpod

·         Navigate to

·         At the top of the website, find the Enter Code field and enter the code shared on the projector screen.

·         You will experience a Nearpod presentation first hand, with the ability to see both the student screen (yours) and the teacher screen (mine).

·         Once the session has ended, I will show you the data generated by our session



Task 2: Exploring Nearpod

·         You will now sign up for a free Nearpod account. If you have an existing account, go ahead and log in.

Big picture

·         Check out the five colored tabs and their purposes: My Library, Explore, Join, Create, Reports.

·         Click on the “My Library” tab from your computer.

o   Notice that each lesson has two options:

§  Live Session, which is the only option with the free account. This is how to launch your lesson.

§  Student Paced is a paid feature but would allow students to do Nearpod lessons independently or at home.

·         Now go to “Explore” at the top left of the page and find at least 3 lessons that you could use in your classroom in the upcoming weeks.

o   Be sure to click the Filters button to see how you can narrow your search to the most relevant results.

o   Click “Add to My Library” to save a copy of the lessons you like!

·         Each teacher will share at least one lesson you like with the group.

·         Click on the “Create” tab. Notice that you can upload existing PowerPoint or PDF files to Nearpod, so you don’t have to start from scratch!

o   Click Add a Slide and explore the different types of content and activities you can embed into your self-made presentations.



Task 3: Do it Yourself

·         Partner up and practice launching one of the lessons that you added to your library with your partner, and briefly run through that lesson as a teacher while your partner pretends to be the student using the PIN to join.

·         Look over your own data and practice emailing it to your partner using the email feature. See how data can be shared with multiple stake holders.


Closure Activity

·         Discussion:

o   How do you think you can best use Nearpod in your classroom?

o   What is one roadblock that might keep you from using Nearpod?

·        Take my Post-PD survey:

·         Please set up an appointment with me, if you would like for me to team teach a class with you the first time you use Nearpod with students, or if you would like for me to come help you create your own Nearpod presentation from scratch!



Nearpod YouTube Channel:

Nearpod Help Center:

Nearpod Webinars and Self-Paced Courses: