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Technology » OneNote for Beginners

OneNote for Beginners

OneNote for Beginners


Session Objectives:

* Review examples of OneNote Notebooks

* Create a notebook for personal, PLC, or student use

* Explore options in OneNote: Home Ribbon, Insert options, etc.

* Work with sections and pages and add content to a page

* Review sharing options and share the notebook

* Review locating and finding the notebook

* Overview of Class and Staff Notebooks


Task #1: Create a New OneNote in One Drive

* Select the access tiles (Waffle)

* Select One Drive

* Select New- OneNote

* Name the OneNote

  • Example: English II Content
  • Example: First Period English II Gorden
  • Example: Your Name Personal Notebook


Task #2: Create two sections

* Select the + sign at the left under Section and name the section

* Right click the section to rename


Task #3: Create two pages in each section

* Select the + sign at the left under Page and name each page

* Right click the page to rename the page


Task #4: Add text to each page

* Click anywhere on the page and add text

*Notice the text boxes can be moved anywhere on the page (like picture files)

* Add text on each page


Task #5: Insert File Attachment

Tip: If the file is stored in the user's One Drive, it must be downloaded before it can be attached. Create a folder on the desktop of the computer and name it One Drive Downloaded Files. Download and save the needed file in this location

* Select the Insert tab and File Attachment

* Browse for the file and select it

* Double click the file to open it

*This is a copy of the file just like an email attachment. Changes to the file will not appear in OneNote


Task #6: Locating your saved OneNote notebook

* Close the OneNote notebook

* How do you locate the OneNote?

  • One Drive- if you know where it was saved
  • Access Tiles (Waffle)- OneNote- Recent, My Notebooks, Shared with Me
  • Delve- located in the Access Tiles
  • Open Installed OneNote

*It must be launched/opened in the installed version before it will appear in the list of notebooks


Task #7: Launch Installed OneNote

* Discussion of differences between Online vs. Installed OneNote.

* Where are the sections located?

* Where are the pages located?

* What additional options are available under Home, Insert, View, etc.

* Right click on the section title- What additional options are available?

* Right click on a page- What additional options are available?


Task #8: Share OneNote

* In the online version, click the share button on the top right

* Type in the email addresses you want to share with

* Make sure you have chosen “can edit” or “can view” correctly

  • Can edit = the person can edit the notebook
  • Can View = the person can only see the notebook