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Technology Professional Development


Basic Playposit: Make Video Interactive for Students
Learn how to use Playposit to engage students, create self-paced lessons, and place accountability on students for their own learning. Playposit allows you to embed video from YouTube and many other sites or upload your own and then insert multiple types of questions into the video. Students can access the videos across any device, at their own pace, and you get the data. Perfect for teachers looking to develop blended and/or flipped lessons. Location: Smyrna High School Media Center 
Date: April 4th
Time: 3:45-4:45 (1 hour)
Create a Collaborative Classroom with Microsoft TEAMS
Microsoft Teams is a digital hub for assigning and collecting student work, providing feedback, collaborating, and grading student work online. This is Microsoft’s answer to Google Classroom that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place. Create collaborative classrooms or connect in professional learnings communities– all from a single experience in Office 365. Teams also integrates with One Note Class Notebook. Teams is only available to use with students in grades 3-12. 
Date: April 10th
Time: 3:45-5:15 (1.5 hours)
Past PDs:
Edlio Advanced
Ready to take your Edlio website to the next level? This PD covers strategies for using your website with your students. Linking collaborative documents, videos, twitter feeds, and more will be covered in this session. *Beginning Edlio webpage training is a prerequisite for this session
Date: March 6th
Time: 3:45-5:15 (1.5 hours)
SeeSaw for Digital Porfolios
Seesaw is a student driven digital portfolio tool. Seesaw lets students record their learning, keeps work is organized in one place, and sends parents automatic updates on what their kids are doing at school. Seesaw is virtual classroom environment that promotes blended learning, digital citizenship and student voice. 
Date: March 12th
Time: 3:45-5:15 (1.5 hours)
Tired of Teaching Vocabulary the Old Way? Try These New Strategies to add Vitality to Your Instruction
To be successful, our students must understand complex texts, engage deeply with content-area concepts, and participate in academic discussions. To that end, this session will give participants an opportunity to explore technology resources that will positively impact vocabulary instruction. Participants will engage in activities designed for improving student vocabulary skills which are content and grade level specific. Walk away from this session with tools that can be implemented immediately in any content area.
Date: Feb 7th
Time: 3:45-5:15 (1.5 hours)
Office 365: Everything 365 - Advanced
Are you ready to take it to the next level? Are you trying to find the best workflow for PLC teams or your students and don’t know where to start? Find out what Office 365 has to offer students, teachers, and PLC teams. This session will cover advanced One Drive sharing, utilizing the Video portal, searching in Delve, MS Forms, and Skype for Business. Learn how to pin favorite apps that sync with Single Sign-On. Participants are encouraged to have knowledge of Office 365 email, calendar, and groups when enrolling in this session.
Date: January 9th
Time: 3:45-5:45 (2 hours)
Digital Citizenship
This session will provide an overview of the digital citizenship skills students need. We want our students to be safe wherever they are, including cyberspace. It is important that we are knowledgeable and provide parents and students with material to raise awareness of the dangers posed by the Internet and ways in which the Internet may be used safely. Resources will be provided for easy integration in to your existing curricular lesson plans.
Date: January 16th
Time: 3:45-4:45 (1 hour)
Office365: One Drive for Collaboration (Beginning Session)

Use Office 365 for instruction, collaboration, assignments, communication, and more. This session highlights best practices for utilizing Office 365’s collaborative features to help you integrate them to increase the effectiveness of PLCs as well as classroom instruction. OneDrive provides users with unlimited cloud based storage so there is no more need of CDs or thumb drives. This is an exciting free tool that can greatly enhance your classroom experiences.

Date: November 9th
Time: 3:45-5:15
Nearpod: The Interactive Presentation Program

Trying to figure out how to integrate BYOD into your everyday lessons? Looking for a way to make your PowerPoint presentations engaging? Come learn about Nearpod! You can import your pre-existing PowerPoint presentations and embed formative questions, polls, videos, and quizzes. Students access your presentation on their devices and you get great data reports after each presentation. Free and easy to use ... leave this session with a lesson ready to go!


Date: November 14th
Time: 3:45-5:15
Technology Tools for Formative Assessment:
Technology today provides educators with a vast array of online tools to gauge student understanding and target student learning needs. During this session, we will examine and experiment with the most effective tools currently available for formative assessment to aid with classroom learning goals.
Date: October 17
Time: 3:45-5:15
Digital Assessments Made Easy with Microsoft Forms:

Microsoft Forms is a new part of Office 365 Education that allows teachers or students to easily and quickly create custom surveys, quizzes, questionnaires, registrations and more. Form authors can invite others to complete forms, which they can do using any web browser, even on mobile devices. During this session, participants will learn how to create forms and share them with their students to assess the content they have presented in class.


Date: October 24
Time: 3:45-5:15